The Zimthaus - History and All out Our Cinnamon Insoles Flipflops

The Zimthaus

Far away from our western conditions, in a country with a millennium of history of natural medicine, I, Mark Stettler, founder of the Zimthaus, first became aware of the positive characteristics of cinnamon insoles. This was in 2004.

By accident, in Vietnam I ended the foul foot odor of a good friend and acquaintance with the positive characteristics of the cinnamon insoles. The three of us flew from Switzerland to the south, to Ho Chi Minh City. Thanh, who was born in Vietnam and settled in Switzerland at a young age, showed us the area. At that time, tourism was still in its infancy and we had to organize all the trips ourselves. The starting point was Thanh's house in Saigon. The tourist guides were Thanh’s four uncles. When we returned to Saigon from one of our numerous trips to the Mekong Delta, Patrick got a gift from Thanh's family. As hospitable as the Vietnamese are, this brought us all great joy. They gave Patrick some cinnamon insoles. From then on, we are always accompanied by a pleasant smell of cinnamon.

Fascinated by all the positive qualities that Patrick had otherwise attributed to the cinnamon insoles, I ordered a pair of cinnamon insoles out of sheer curiosity. They helped combat foot odor, I knew, but that the cinnamon insoles also rejuvenate tired feet and regulate foot climate, I had to test. Since time immemorial, I always have cold feet, and this is especially bad in a severe Swiss winter. And what about sports? There we all sweat, and have bad foot odor. Do the cinnamon insoles also help while playing tennis or football? To my astonishment - Yes..

How can it be possible that in a country like Vietnam there are 100% natural products that help a large part of our society and that we do not know about in our highly technological world? A product that can liberate you from bad foot odor, prevents foot blisters from developing, relaxes your legs, and prevents foot fungus and inflammation. The reason for this goes back thousands of years. In Vietnam, cinnamon has always been grown and the first cinnamon shoes in Vietnam date back more than 2000 years. As in Asian medicine in general, the symptom itself is not treated, but rather the cause, respectively, the whole. The health starts at the bottom, at the feet, and a pair of cinnamon insoles can help. No more bad foot odor, no more sweaty feet! Exercising without blisters and no risk of catching athlete's foot.

Back in Switzerland, many of my friends and acquaintances were enthusiastic about the positive qualities of the cinnamon insoles. So I started to import the first few cinnamon insoles for my friends, family members, and acquaintances. Feeling the urge to make the cinnamon insoles, with all their positive qualities, accessible to the whole Swiss population, I started to work out a strategy with little money (unfortunately, with all the trips, it was not the best for bank account) to sell the cinnamon insoles in German-speaking Switzerland. As a result, for the next few months, I worked extensively on making a web shop, and fortunately, I was able to bring it online. The domain "" was online in January 2007 and had 20000 visitors in the first year. At this point, thank you for your visit for the first hour and a big thank you for your orders.

So that not only German-speaking Swiss could benefit from the positive qualities of cinnamon products, the webshop was translated into French at the end of 2007. In addition, on my next trip to Vietnam, in May 2007, I became aware of various other cinnamon products, such as cinnamon flip-flops, cinnamon slippers, and cinnamon sandals, which are also continuously offered via our webshop.

February 2016, a long time since an entry in the Zimthaus history. In recent years, the development continued and the Zimthaus was steadily expanded. In the meantime, I was also able to take on board my dear father Hans-Ueli, who will ship the products to you. In addition, I had the increased opportunity through the Zimthaus in Vietnam, now my second home, to meet my wife, Huong. The three of us set out to be able to produce and always offer you, dear customers, new products with the now well-known and proven cinnamon mixture. Due to some inquiries from neighboring countries, we have now translated our new in-between webshop into English.

Our webshop was completely adjusted to Responsive in early 2017. In other words, you can now order our cinnamon products via your smartphone and tablet.

At the moment we are working on translating our webshop into Italian.

Thank you, dear customers. For inquiries, we are always happy to help, be it by mail or now also chat!

Best wishes,

Mark Stettler and family



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