Cinnamon Slippers Dublin[HV1]

These slippers, made in a tartan (checked) design, keep your feet warm and fragrant during the winter. The upper layer is made of soft cotton, and the inside is made of smooth, cooling synthetic fiber. The effect of cinnamon powder incorporated in the footbed is further enhanced by acupressure points on the sole of the foot. The blood circulation is improved, the temperature of the feet is balanced (no more too cold / too warm feet) and unpleasant odors are absorbed. Foot odor doesn’t stand a chance.

High ease of wearing, super comfortable

• Unpleasant odors are absorbed. Foot odor doesn’t stand a chance against this.

Relieves pressure on feet and legs (good for standing professions)

• Regulates foot temperature. This means no more too hot or too cold feet.

Cinnamon Slipper Composition

Top material: Cotton / interior of synthetic fibers
Footbed: Cotton
Sole: EVA
Filling: Ground cinnamon, ginger

Available in the following sizes:
36-37 / 38-39 / 40-41 / 42-43 / 44-45

Note: Please avoid contact with water.

CHF 21,00

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