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<p><font face="Berlin Sans FB" color="#FF6600" style="font-size: 17pt">A range of unique and beautiful flip-flops and slippers made from cinnamon wood, reeds, coconut, bamboo, and seagrass.</font><font face="Berlin Sans FB" size="5"><br>
</font><font face="Berlin Sans FB" style="font-size: 17pt">Absolute comfort and a natural freshness pamper your feet. Our flip-flops and 
slippers help prevent foot odor, sweaty feet, and athlete’s foot, regulate foot 
temperature, and pamper your feet with a gentle massage. Now starting at only 
$ 19.00</font><font face="Berlin Sans FB" size="5"><br>

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<p><font face="Berlin Sans FB" size="5"><font color="#2BA82B">Good-smelling feet with the power of nature</font><br>
Pleasant cinnamon aroma, absolute comfort, like a gentle massage pampering your feet. The cinnamon-ginger filling stimulates blood flow, which works to regulate foot temperature.<br>
In addition, our cinnamon insoles are the best at preventing sweaty and smelly feet. 100% natural and widely used in Asia for thousands of years.</font></p>


Pamper your feet with the cinnamon products from Zimthaus

Day in, day out your feet travel thousands of meters, sitting in your tightly laced-up shoes without any air.

It’s time to do something good for yourself!

Cinnamon has been known for ages to have antibacterial, fungicidal, and moisture-wicking properties, and therefore works to provide a comfortable foot climate. In winter, cinnamon provides warmth, and in summer it is cooling.

Cinnamon’s essential oils, when activated by moisture and warmth, regulates the temperature of your feet through gentle, natural methods. It also develops a pleasant aroma.

Cinnamon insoles or insoles with cinnamon filling

What to do about sweaty or smelly feet?

Wear cinnamon insoles, our best-selling product! Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want to give them away.

The pleasant aroma immediately stands out. Even after long hours of wear in closed shoes, our insoles give off the typical warm smell of cinnamon, which covers all other unpleasant aromas.

The essential oils in ground cinnamon are also very effective at making running and standing much more comfortable and less tiring. Cinnamon insoles are ideal for wearing in closed shoes with socks and as bare soles in gym shoes.

  • Help prevent foot odor and perspiration! The best against sweaty feet!!
  • Relieve pressure on the legs and massage the different reflex zones of your feet with every step.
  • Prevents athlete’s foot and inflammation.
  • Regulates temperature = No more hot/cold feet. Our cinnamon insoles create a balanced and comfortable foot climate.

Our cinnamon insoles are the best and most natural solution for natural foot freshness!

So the cinnamon insoles can adapt themselves to the shape of your shoes, it is advisable to use a separate pair of insoles for each pair of shoes. With normal use, you can wear the cinnamon insoles for up to 3 months.

Cinnamon house shoes, slippers, and sandals

Enjoy the great quality and aromatic cinnamon at home as well as at work in your house shoes or slippers from Zimthaus. The cinnamon incorporated into the slippers prevents unpleasant foot odor and provides unburdened walking and standing all day!

Whether at home, at work, or on the go, our cinnamon cork/leather slippers, the house shoes Browny, Cotto or Carol provide you with a stress-free time.

Cinnamon flip-flops and slippers

Very unique flip-flops (toe separators) and slippers with the famous cinnamon filling plus new and unique (in Europe) flip-flops / slippers made from bamboo, coconut, seagrass, reeds, cinnamon wood let you enjoy every step. See the different models for yourself.

Foot perspiration doesn’t stand a chance in these airy and comfortable shoes, which come for both men and women.