Cinnamon Insoles from Zimthaus - Cinnamon Insoles from Zimthaus

Cinnamon insoles from ZIMTHAUS

Cinnamon insoles or insoles with cinnamon filling:

• The best against foot odor and foot sweat!

• Relieve pressure on the legs and massage the various foot reflex zones with every step. 

• Actively works against athlete’s foot and inflammation.

• Works to regulate temperature = No more too hot/cold feet. Our cinnamon insoles provide a comfortable and balanced foot climate.


Zimtsohlen oder auch Zimteinlegesohlen, für wohlriechende Füsse. Das beste gegen Fussschweiss und Fussgeruch.

Day in, day out, your feet travel thousands of meters, sitting in your tightly laced-up shoes without any air. It’s time to do something good for yourself!

Help prevent foot odor and perspiration
We all sweat, and that's a good thing. This is thanks to our approximately two to four million sweat glands, which are mainly distributed on the forehead, palms, and soles. When our body is hot, the glands activate to cool the body, which is vital for us. Sweat mainly consists of water, with a small amount of salts, ureas, lactic acid, amino acids, and endogenous fats. In this mixture, which we call sweat, live bacteria that feed on it and turn the sweat into butyric acid. If this butyric acid has no way out, which is especially the case in airtight shoes, they start to smell bad. We know this as smelly or sweaty feet. This means that stinky feet are not pathological, but are caused by improper foot hygiene, as our feet often spend the whole day in cramped, airtight shoes. This provides the optimal breeding ground for bacteria and athlete's foot. Most of the absorbed foot sweat is stored by our socks and shoes and secreted by them as an unpleasant odor.

Sweaty feet are therefore actually a real social problem. But how do you best get rid of the annoying smell? It is very unpleasant for those affected if they have to take off their shoes in a dressing room, at the doctor's, with friends or while playing sports.

Sweaty feet can be combated on the one hand with an increased care effort. Daily washing of the feet, which must then be dried very well, so that no moisture is trapped in the socks and/or shoes. Putting lotion on the feet, cutting and cleaning the toenails, and removing excess horny layer skin are also very helpful. You should also walk barefoot as often as possible. The better and more frequently the feet are ventilated, the less chance odor has to develop. Changing socks and stockings every day is self-evident, but the shoes should also be worn alternately.

This is exactly where our cinnamon insoles help and are just right. High-quality, natural materials (cinnamon, ginger, liquorice and cotton) absorb the sweat. The antibacterial nature of cinnamon inhibits the formation and spread of bacteria, which are the cause of foot sweat. Unpleasant foot odor is therefore prevented before it even arises. Unlike the many chemical products available for foot sweat, such as foot cream, foot powder, foot deodorant, foot spray, shoe spray, or shoe inserts with activated carbon or cedar, which only help in the short-term and superficially, our cinnamon insoles work proactively, completely, and in the long term, while following ancient Asian tradition. The organs of the body are connected by many energy channels with certain zones on the feet (foot reflex zones). Healthy feet are therefore important for our well-being. For this, cinnamon is just right! Cinnamon has an antibacterial and fungistatic effect, and can promote mobility and reduce blood sugar.

Relieve pressure on the legs and massage the various foot reflex zones with every step.
The top layer, made of soft and breathable cotton, makes sure that the aromatic cinnamon in the second and third layers is well-distributed. Multiple crisscrossing seams ensure that the cinnamon cannot leak out of the insole and also gently massage your feet. This gentle massage of the foot reflex zones relieves tired feet and legs and promotes the well-being of the body.

Actively works against athlete’s foot and inflammation.
Many other infection-related foot problems, such as nail fungus, nail bed infections, athlete's foot, etc., can be prevented by the antibacterial properties of cinnamon.

Works to regulate temperature = No more too hot/cold feet. Our cinnamon insoles provide a comfortable and balanced foot climate.
Cinnamon, which already has a very positive influence on the blood circulation, is supplemented with a bit of ginger in our herbal mixture. This works with the cinnamon to ensure a balance of blood circulation to the feet. As a result, circulatory disorders, which are responsible for the cold or heat on the feet, are prevented. The problem of feet that are too cold or too hot is noticeably reduced or completely eliminated. Your shoes will always have a fresh, pleasant climate - in summer or in winter.