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What distinguishes a good slipper, summer shoe, sandal, or a pair of flip flops? The design? The fit? The workmanship? Natural materials? Zimthaus combines everything. For over 10 years we have constantly improved and expanded our products. With us, you get shoes made of seagrass, cinnamon, bamboo, reed, coconut, leather, cork, cotton, and constantly something new, which looks good and pampers your feet.

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Natural, trendy, and refined
Our flip-flops, slippers, sandals, and house shoes pamper your feet with every step. Be it a finely structured footbed made of seagrass, bamboo branches, or reeds, or a footbed made of coconut, bamboo, or cinnamon, which gently massages the foot reflex zones. The selected natural ingredients reduce perspiration and the formation of calluses and leave your feet feeling fresh and relaxed. On the go or at home, the shoes of Zimthaus are good for your feet and your well-being.

The Zimthaus Advantage:

Natural and refined materials for the footbed and straps of the shoe

Our shoes help prevent foot perspiration and keep the feet fresh and dry

Work to prevent unpleasant foot odor

Stimulate the foot reflex zones

A healthy and dry foot climate promises the highest comfort.

Ensures good circulation: cold and aching feet are a thing of the past!

Slippers and flip-flops: every step a delight
Our flip-flops and slippers are available in many different designs, made from many different materials, and can suit every taste. The diverse and stylish collection includes flip-flops and slippers with floral motifs, knotted cotton ribbons or chic satin straps, as well as classic and subtle shoes that impress with a modest design. Colorful models are just as much a part of our range as plain colors that match every outfit. For both men and women, there are airy and comfortable summer shoes, in which foot sweat is guaranteed to have no chance. Depending on the model, with a sufficient dose of ground cinnamon under the footbed, the flip-flops and slippers absorb foot moisture and at the same time absorb unpleasant foot odor. Other models, in turn, gently massage the reflex zones of your feet and reduce the formation of calluses. Our slippers and flip-flops can be worn outdoors as well as at home. Even in winter, the models made with ground cinnamon filling are useful, as cinnamon has a circulation-promoting effect which counteracts cold feet.

Tips for proper use and care
All shoe models are made of natural materials, and some of them have a cinnamon-herb filling. Therefore please avoid any contact with water.

If the flip-flops, slippers, sandals, or house shoes are dirty, it is best to use a slightly damp cloth or brush to clean them.

Have fun with our fashionable and comfortable shoes, be it on a summer walk, a city stroll or at home.

Browse through our selection, in addition to our well-known cinnamon insoles, flip-flops and slippers, we now also offer a large number of different slippers and sandals. Discover and order our products directly here in our online shop.

Whether flip-flops, slippers, sandals, or house shoes made of cinnamon, bamboo, reed, coconut, or seagrass, we offer a wide selection of unique products, which you can only get from us.